Awakening hope

yoga, hiking, & healing in sedona

Hope Knosher Sedona Arizona Hiking and Yoga Retreat  Awakening Hope Yoga Hiking and Healing In Sedona

Renew your sense of purpose. Rejuvenate your body & mind. Rediscover the wellspring of joy that lives within.


Next Journey : September 18-22, 2019

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Over 4 nights & 5 days, we will be awakening hope ~ embarking on a powerful journey into the transformative energies of sedona

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Stressed out most of the time? My top tips for stilling your mind will have you feeling calm from the inside out. (And these aren’t just your typical “breathe deep” suggestions!)

Need a “recharge” but don’t know how or when to make it happen? Leave that to me! I’ll show you exactly how to nourish your body and soul with meditation, movement (suitable for all levels), and healthy fresh foods as you steep yourself in the healing energies of Sedona.

Feel like life is passing you by and you don’t even know where you’re going? We’ll reset your compass and rekindle your passion for life, sending you home with a newfound plan of action!

Still suffering from a traumatic life event or in the throes of a life change that is stirring your very soul?Our powerful, transformative vision walk will initiate the healing you crave and usher in the answers you’re seeking.

Hampered by nagging health challenges like insomnia, anxiety, or general aches and pains? Unlock how to tap into your body’s own internal healing system to achieve and maintain vibrant health.



Part of the magic of any journey comes with staying open and saying yes to life without expectations. Surrounded by majestic canyon oaks and the ambling, unhurried dance of the creek, you unwind and relax completely as you connect with the rhythm of your surroundings. Sedona boasts a vivid, mesmerizing landscape that changes hourly with the changing sun. Named “The Most Beautiful Place In America” by USA Weekend, it is equal parts rugged and luxurious. For centuries regarded as sacred by the Native Americans, it continues to be recognized as a place of healing and renewal

Our days will be filled with yoga, meditation, a breathtaking canyon hike, access to spa services, a vision walk, and much more!

As your eyes marvel at the red-rock mountains, dappled sunlight warms your skin, and you release a sigh of delight.

Life changing in all facets! The peace, joy, beautiful food and surroundings, breathtaking scenery, accepting space, yoga and meditation, along with Hope’s guidance made this a magical experience. I have found healing and a new level of clarity about my life and I am so grateful. I will never forget this trip!
— Megan L., Norcross, GA



Nestled along the lush banks of Oak Creek Canyon, our home away from home invites you to nurture your relationship with nature. The spring-fed waters of Oak Creek create a healing oasis, while crackling wood-burning fireplaces combine with southwestern charm and Native American décor to provide a magical mix of comfort and casual elegance.

Surrounded by majestic canyon oaks and the ambling, unhurried dance of the creek, you unwind and relax completely as you connect with the rhythm of your surroundings.



Nourish your body with creekside homemade breakfast and fresh, vibrant meals prepared by our own personal chef. From fresh brewed coffee, soups, healthy bowls, baked from scratch desserts, to homemade tiramisu delivered at Sunset, you will feel nourished deeply at every meal. The southwestern flair is sure to excite anyone's taste buds. Gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.


As the soft evening breeze caresses your face, you take a sip of your warm, healing tea and take a look around you. Encircled by a group of amazing and supportive, like-minded souls, you can’t remember when you’ve felt more content.

Let's hear from two amazing women who have experienced the 'Awakening Hope' retreat...



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Simple! This is the PERFECT environment for you to unwind and heal as you reclaim your authentic self.

Plus you’ll:

Ignite your self-love and awaken and empower the parts of you that have been sleeping or hiding in the shadows.

Connect to your inner wisdom and illuminate your inner light through a special blend of introspection, activity and stillness, motion and rest.

Explore and experience a place regarded as sacred by the Native Americans—a place where people
from all over the world are called for initiation and transformation.

Partake in life-renewing adventures as you ask questions, get answers and shift your consciousness.

Indulge in spa services along the way in a private creekside, open-air gazebo.

The Awakening Hope Retreat is JUST what you have been looking for to reclaim and reignite you life.


day by day

Of course, part of the magic of any journey comes with staying open and saying yes to life without expectations. Our yoga retreat schedule is always subject to change based on where spirit guides us, what inspiration comes forth, and what plans the weather may have. That being said, the following is the schedule we have planned for you.









I love hosting retreats for others! I also love teaching, encouraging, and being a yes-sayer, space-holder, and life coach.

Although I have been coaching in one form or another most of my life, it wasn’t until a cancer diagnosis turned my world upside down that I was led to my true passion of helping others through Hope’s Yoga.

On my spiritual journey, I learned that my internal world MATTERED.

I tapped into my internal voice, got in touch with my feelings and emotions, and became grounded in my body and mind. As a result, my whole life changed for the better.

I no longer felt like life was just passing me by. That is the message I am passionate about sharing with everyone! And I am just as passionate about sharing the tools and knowledge I have mastered on my healing journey to help others live their best life. And that includes you!

Creating a fabulous life takes a combination of a healthy body, a well-nourished spirit, and the proper mindset. But if I can do it, so can you!

So if that voice inside is calling you to be healthier and happier, then by all means answer the call: Stand up for your authentic self, recover your body’s natural healing abilities, and create a life you love, a life that is truly worth living!

Excited to Share this Special journey with you...