Essential actions & Elements of a safe Yoga Practice

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You and your classes are unquestionably one of the best things I have encountered this year! You greatly helped my physical development but more important you helped me make inroads to the inner peace and serenity we all seek.

My most sincere and heartfelt thanks!

Building healthy habits for future growth

Do you want to get started practicing yoga but don’t know where to begin?

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Do you want to make sure you are developing good habits in your practice that will keep you injury free and able to build on your practice over time?

Do you have a practice but wonder if you are doing it right?

Do you want to deepen your practice by improving your understanding and knowledge of yoga?

Do you have an injury or health status that needs adaptation?

Maybe you have tried yoga videos but still feel unsure at times as to what to do, or you attend class but are uncomfortable due to lack of a deeper understanding of what is going on in each pose.

REASONS TO Say yes to this series

Explore yoga in a safe environment where you can ask questions and gain deeper insight with a certified yoga teacher and yoga therapist in a one-on-one setting

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Cover the basics of yoga unlocking the mystery of the basic warm-up poses, sun salutations, standing poses, heating inversions, backbends, cooling inversions, core, and wrap-up (as appropriate).

Learn how and when to breathe, sequencing tips, essential action and alignments and other essential elements that will de-mystify poses and help you feel more confident in your body and your practice

Leave feeling more confident, with a healthy knowledge and awareness (kinesthetic/muscle memory) of breathing, asana alignment, and fundamental physical and energetic building blocks to take your practice safely to the next level.

Class Structure

This class consists of a series of one-hour private sessions and is scheduled based on the availability of both you and the instructor. 

As a certified yoga therapist I will adapt each session to fit your particular needs or situation

Have a question or want to dive in and get started? 

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