Health & life Coaching


Coaching sessions are about a deliberate focus on positive change – whether you are ready to process and change old ways of being that are no longer serving your best self, are in the throes of a new challenging change in your life, or ready to focus on a particular desire that you would like to realize.

When you decide you want to change, a new perspective is often very challenging to achieve on your own.

A coach will help facilitate your achievement of lasting change aligned with your values, promoting health and wellness; while enhancing well-being.

It is my passion to support you in living a more fulfilled life!

I have been a coach in one form or another most of my adult life. From technology to healthcare, to corporate trainer, athletic director & coach, to yoga teacher, writer and speaker it has always been my desire to lift others up.

I have a passion for coaching and helping others to reach their potential. I believe the best we have to offer is found in what we have journeyed through.

Having overcome many obstacles in my own life through a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and through healing and reconnecting with my deeper self I can relate to your deep desire for positive change on your journey in a way that is real and heartfelt.

My Story

Transformation Video and Client Testimonial

In my experience, Hope’s best quality is her tenacity to constantly be discovering and learning how to flourish. The beauty is that she doesn’t stop there. She lives in the abundance of her ever-expanding knowledge and is passionate about educating others so they may flourish and live abundantly as well. I feel incredibly honored to have had my life so touched by Hope!
- Julia F.

Why Coaching?


Overcoming cancer, chronic illness and pain, trauma, depression, infertility, obesity (even with a “fat” gene), grief, career changes, and more I have found hope, healing, and transformation that has kept me moving forward and enjoying health and well-being in mind, body, and spirit that didn’t seem possible before adopting a healthy lifestyle. For the last decade I have been sharing my journey to wellness with others through writing, speaking, and yoga.

It seemed a natural progression to seek certification in coaching. After researching options, I chose Emory University’s Health and Wellness Coaching Program.

Attending the program was a pivotal time for me as I experienced the power of regular coaching in my own life, which made me even more excited about offering wellness and life coaching others!

After my own transformation, once I made a commitment to a healthy lifestyle that encompasses mind, body, and spirit, I knew this is the basis and fuel we all need in our everyday life to be in a place of our highest frequency and energetic alignment


To me being healthy isn’t about the perfect body.  It is about getting your life together, overcoming insecurities & fears, reconnecting to yourself – mind, body, and spirit; while creating space for positive change and new ways of being.

Coaching helps you to show up for yourself and to realize the growth for which a deep part of you yearns.

One-To-One Coaching

One-to-One Sessions can be in person or on-line (phone or video conference) and are 100% focused on you, the challenges you’re experiencing & what you would like to realize.  I would love to partner with you to create a supportive environment where you can articulate and achieve your goals.  Together we will co-create a completely personalized action plan based on your goals to move toward your ideal vision of yourself.

When we are out of balance, we are living out of alignment.  When we move toward a more balanced existence, we begin to experience true flow, and our journey becomes more joyful and meaningful.

What would accomplishing your goals mean to you?


Are you ready to grow & to feel empowered by growth?


Do you believe that it is your right to lead a happy, healthy, fulfilled life?

Are you ready to turn self-understanding into strength?

Do you desire a personal awakening, deeper connection with yourself and heightened self-awareness?

Are you ready to reduced stress, have more energy, and meaningful healing?

Are you ready to experience the satisfaction that comes from committing to yourself and your health and wellness?

Yes! I am ready

Let’s define what you value most for your well-being. 


Then we will use these visions to motivate specific goals that bring you closer to where you want to be. 

As your coach, I will honor you as the expert in your life and will not dictate your journey, but together we will explore your why and co-create your health goals within reasonable time frames and actionable objectives, so you know exactly what you are working toward. 

I will support you in..

Making positive changes that are based on your unique needs, lifestyle, preferences, and background.

All of your goals from healthy living to living an inspired, fulfilling life!


YES! I am ready to start living my best life.

What is the next step?

Let’s set up a free thirty-minute discovery call to explore each other, more about how the coaching process works, and where we go from here. 

I can’t wait to connect with you and learn more about your journey and how we might partner together to co-create your best life!