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Things My Cat Taught Me

My daughter was five years old when she, along with a neighborhood friend, secretly fed a stray cat in our backyard.  The cat had no identification as to whom she belonged to, and she had been hanging out in our yard for a while.  My daughter felt sorry for her and didn’t want her to go hungry.  We weren’t looking to adopt a cat, but the universe had other plans.  This was around the summer of 2003.  

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How to Know When Your Stress Switch is “On”

Once upon a time, humans needed the energy generated by stress to survive. We were hunting, farming, or fighting the elements. The body’s stress response would switch to “on” and provide a spike of “fight or flight” cortisol and adrenaline to complete the task at hand.

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Room To Breathe : Tapping Into The Power Of Your Breath

Take a moment to draw your awareness to your breath. Is it deep or shallow? Fast or slow? Our life is entirely dependent on breathing, but we rarely give it much thought.

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