7 Simple Steps To Calm Your Body And Mind

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There is little that isn't changed in a positive way when we connect with our breath in a meaningful and present way. There is something we can do to deepen the effects of our breathing practice.

The answer is easy and powerful.

Simply by connecting with your heart while mindfully breathing you can take your practice and your peace to a whole new level!

When we intentionally generate a heartfelt positive emotional state we create an emotional shift that is a vital element of the effectiveness of this practice. There is also an increased synchronization between the activity of the heart and brain.

These signals from the heart have a significant effect on the function of the brain and influence emotional processing. Also influenced is higher cognitive functioning like memory, attention, problem-solving and perception. 

The heart not only responds to the brain - the brain continuously responds to the heart.

When we connect with the heart, we tend to bring ourselves into something called heart rate coherence.

This shift also causes an array of benefits other than what is typically achieved through breathing alone. Added benefits include higher levels of perceptual and emotional changes, access that is deeper to creativity and intuition, cognitive and performance improvements, and favorable changes in hormonal balance.

When our body is out of sync, the autonomic nervous system, hormonal system, and the immune system are not working in a synchronized manner.

We can re-synchronize our body systems by creating a state of coherence and thus improving our mental focus, emotional stability, physical resilience, and improved cognitive function. This allows us to operate in a more efficient manner in all areas of life. 

The heart's intrinsic nature is goodness. Allowing this goodness to manifest within us is simple and easy.

What about committing to a practice that dedicates a bit of daily quiet time to your own heart?

Check out my video in collaboration with Aura Cacia and start your practice today!

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I look forward to connecting with you.